The Mindful Leadership Coach certification processes requires more than seminar attendance and self paced reading and assignments.

Our business coaching program requires coaches to learn the coaching process as well as business concepts, and do the work to be a transformative coach!  

Most traditional coaching programs are focused on the coach, learning to be a coach. While adequate time is spent rooted in coaching philosophy and education -- equal time is spent on critical elements of organizational behavior, leadership theories and other applicable business process.  Mindful Leadership Coaches (MLCs) are trained and educated to bring awareness to an employees personal goals and an organizations mission and vision to mindfully and intentionally connect the two.  

Work-life balance implies that work comes before life, our philosophy focuses on just life.  Work is a part of life and enables lifestyle sustainability. We are focused on taking the obligation out of work and reconnecting organizations and their employees in a transformative way. Separate from traditional coaching training, the MLC process is designed to give "coachees" an opportunity to strengthen your understanding of concepts, apply new skills, and demonstrate your mastery of new tools and ways of being. 

Process Duration

  • The MLC Certification process is designed to be completed within a minimum of 12 months of completion of prerequisites. 


  • Minimum associates degree in business related field
  • Standard 8 week MSBR Training

Application Requirements

  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Certifications for MSBR Training and business education

Certification Overview

Part One: Lesson Outline (in brief)

Module 1

Module Length: 2 Months

Introduction to Coaching
Coaching Basics
Foundational Concepts

Coaching Relationship Skills
Rapport Building
Core Coaching Skills

Coaching Behavior Change
Behavior Change Theory
Stages of Change

Strengths ID in Coaching
Five AI Principles
5D AI Cycle

Module 2

Module Length: 2 Months

Self Efficacy and Self Esteem
Social Cognitive Theory
Change Talk + Positivity Focus

Integrating Mindfulness with Coaching
Attention and Dealing with Thoughts
Mindful Communication & Compassion

Mindfulness and Business
Mindful Management
The Mindful Organization

Mindful Leadership
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
Giving and Receiving Feedback

Module 3

Module Length: 2 Months

Organizational Behavior
Behavior Science in OB
Management in Organizations

Foundations of Individual Behavior
Individual Diversity
Hofsted's Cultural Dimensions

Perception and Attribution
Theory of Attribution
Perception Theories in OB

Leadership/Theory in OB
Overview of Leadership Theory
Seven Influence Tactics

Module 4

Module Length: 2 Months

Personality/Behavior in Organizations
Personality Types
Personality Job-Fit Theory

Managing Workplace Stress
Definition, Sources, Meaning
Stress Management

Talent Management
Talent Types
Clarifying and Retaining Talent

Performance Management
Create/Sustain High Performing Teams
Principles of Performance Management



Part 2: Mandatory Coaching Requirements

Complete 3 Months of Mentor coaching with an MLC Trained Coach

  • 24 in session hours (coach signed completion log required)
  • 18 hours in guided practice development
  • 7 hours of recorded situational session prompts (1hr recording must be submitted with test)

Coaching log demonstrating 100 hours (75 paid) of coaching experience with at least 8 clients following the start of your coach-specific training. 

  • At least 25 of these hours must occur within the 18 months prior to submitting the application for the credential.



Part 4: Continuous Learning Requirements

Ongoing development is key for coaches, whether it’s immersing in a skill area, such as Core Coaching Competencies or gaining knowledge in leadership and/or other applicable business principles.  The process is documented via a continuous learning points (CLP) system.

Requirement: Participation in at least 40 hours of CLPs completed in the three years since the initial award of your credential or since your last credential renewal, with at least 24 hours in Core Competencies.


Part 3: Test Completion

When applying for test, the following components must be included:

  • Documented Mentor Coaching Hours (Mentor and Practice)
  • Certificate of Module Completions (4 Total)
  • Recorded Session Submission

Test timeline

  • May schedule to sit for MLC Certification test 1 Month in advance of test date.
  • Estimated Timeline for Review: 4 weeks


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